Corporate Social Responsibility

“Alun and I had a good laugh as we soaked in the rays walking along the Thames from London Bridge station to an exhibition at the Southbank centre – discussing everything from football, pubs and his excellent one-liners.

It was a fun day out and a great insight into the challenges that partially sighted people face in their daily lives. I hope I made a difference to Alun’s day, and look forward to volunteering with BlindAid in the future!”

Dave – Corporate Volunteer

BlindAid is keen to work with organisations who have would like to focus their Corporate Social Responsibility on events and support for blind and visually impaired people in London.

We have run several interesting and varied CSR events for the benefit of our Service Users, including Christmas shopping trips, a visit to the office of a broadsheet paper, walks along the Thames, a trip to the Tower of London, visits to art installations, cocktail evenings, collaborative art sessions and quizzes.

For many of our isolated Service Users, these events provide a rare opportunity to do something new and unusual as well as meet and socialise with others.  They also enrich our corporate volunteers with rewarding experiences and new life skills.

We will ensure that the time that you give is valued and makes a real difference to the lives of blind and visually impaired people in London.

We can offer sighted guide and Visual Impairment awareness training to organisations who would like to work with us.

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If you are interested in working with BlindAid as part of your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility, then please get in touch with Clarissa, on 0207 403 6184 or

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"My volunteer was excellent. His guiding was extremely helpful and I felt calm and safe with him. In the tower I was very impressed with his perfect descriptions of everything around us"
"This was my first independent night out in 6 years. I was nervous for two days before; not knowing what to expect. It has been a wonderful evening. I didn’t feel alone, all the volunteers were superb. Now I have done and been out again, I feel I can do it again" -Service User.

“The volunteers could not be any more helpful, they were brilliant. If possible, can you get a message to the volunteers’ boss letting them know how much they were appreciated!”

– Service User

‘‘I really want to express my appreciation to the volunteers for their patience, kindness, and empathy.  Whether it was describing the intricate patterns of the sound installation at the South Bank or negotiating a path through crowds of tourists, it was all done with grace and good-humour, and a friendliness that really made the day enjoyable for us service-users”

– Service User

“I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful day. It was great meeting all the other visually impaired guests and such positive volunteers."