Camden Community Project

Our popular Community Project is a wonderful way for Londoners living with visual impairment to build social connections and focus on creative or mindful activities

We aim to make a clear and meaningful impact in the lives of blind and visually impaired Londoners.

Our Community Projects have been running since 2014, and we offer a variety of classes, including:

  • I.T. (beginners and intermediate level)

  • Cooking & Healthy Eating

  • Yoga

  • Art & Craft

  • Creative Writing

Each class runs for two hours, once a week, over a 16-week term. In order to maximise the social value, we encourage attendees to attend two classes a day.

The social opportunity to meet people and make new friends is an especially important part of the day, alongside learning new skills or refreshing old ones.

The Camden Community Project is funded by The City Bridge Trust.

Classes are available to blind and visually impaired residents of London and are based in:

The St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre



Due to overwhelming demand, we are not currently able to accept new referrals for the Camden Community Project.

Volunteering Opportunities:

We are looking for volunteers to assist at the the Camden Community Project – if you are interested in this opportunity, please click the link below:

Camden Community Project Volunteer role

"The classes are really helpful to VI people - they make you come out and learn and you meet new people. It is very unique."

“My favourite thing is that it has given me confidence to use my computer again. I thought it was all finished because when I had my operation I couldn’t see at all, but now I have got my confidence back to go back to IT. I can use my email now again – so I am really happy.”

Need assistance travelling to a project? We are happy to arrange assistance to help with your return journey. We strive for inclusivity so that no Londoner living with visual impairment is left in isolation.
"Getting here has been quite hard for me - it involves getting three different buses. It was four, but I managed to find another route which has really promoted my confidence and I realised I had the ability to say “yeah, you can do this”."

‘I cooked my own food for the first time in years and it felt really good’

‘Coming to the Community Project has fine-tuned so many of my skills. I have loved it, it’s practical and relevant for daily use of technology. It is independence at the end of the day – it is instant help’

“I enjoyed working with raw materials in cooking and working in a safe environment. Thanks to this course my skills have improved. I also learnt about equipment that I didn’t know existed – it has been a great help!”


“It was an excellent class, very friendly. I felt so welcome.”

‘It’s brought me out of my shell. It’s made me travel and have a routine’