Share London

 Share London is a social outing based project, funded by Vision Foundation. 

The funding award allows us to partner Londoners living with a visual impairment with local volunteers, who will support them to get out of their homes and engage in the vibrant social activities available in London.

The core service of BlindAid is outreach and we currently visit around 1000 blind and partially sighted people across the 12 inner London boroughs that we operate in. We primarily aim this service at supporting people who are particularly isolated, which can be a common situation that visually people experience.

Our Sight Support Workers see service users once a fortnight for about an hour to provide emotional and basic, practical support (e.g. help with correspondence, making phone calls etc), but quite often this does not leave them with any time to take service users out of their homes.

A significant number of our service users would like the opportunity to get out to a local coffee shop, for a walk to a local park or perhaps a trip to a concert or to see a play – but lack the confidence/ability to do this independently.

Share London  is a volunteer based service, designed to connect  volunteers that would like to share the opportunities and events that are happening in our vibrant city with local, visually impaired people who would otherwise not be able to get out and experience them.

Share London is funded by  Vision Foundation

Join us


We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in undertaking social outings with our service users – things that you can enjoy together, like going for a walk and talk, coffee and a chat, visiting galleries, parks, theatres etc.

We work carefully to match people with similar interests to ensure that both parties enjoy the experience and have plenty to talk about.

With the support of dedicated volunteers, we aim to reduce social isolation and make a difference to people’s lives and well-being.


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"The magic of volunteering with BlindAid is knowing that you have done something that benefits others, and I feel more confident about myself. You meet very interesting and inspiring people, and they turn out to be great friends too"