Our Impact

We currently support around 1200 blind and partially sighted people per year across the 12 inner London boroughs in which we operate.

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Service Users

Professional Colleagues

We support around 100 people each year at our Community Project

Since 1834, we have offered a community support service to people with a visual impairment across the twelve inner London boroughs.

In Victorian London, the charity provided coal tickets for blind and visually impaired people and, whilst we stopped delivering coal tickets many years ago, the original sense of instilling a supportive community for visually impaired Londoners  is still at the heart of everything we do.

Ultimately, all of our work is focussed on building connections and reducing loneliness.

Whether through our Community Sight Support Service, or through attending a community-based project, each of our beneficiaries can depend upon support from an understanding and caring community. 

Social isolation is one of the biggest hurdles in the lives of Londoners living with a visual impairment.