Testimonials: Service Users

“BlindAid is not just another service - they are beside you”


"After being told that i was losing my sight and could not continue my work, I was deeply distressed - I felt isolated and very frustrated. I did not feel that anyone understood what losing sight meant for what I do and most of all for who I am.

At times I thought I should just have to give up. I felt that no-one really understood what I am going through and the challenges I face everyday, alone.

With BlindAid's encouragement and support, however, I feel I have the chance to take back some control of my life in both my work and my self-respect.

I have always been very independent in my work and daily life - I hope I can get back to where i was and finally achieve my goals."


"After I lost my sight, my life changed and is now very different. It has been hard.

BlindAid was there for me when it appeared there was no hope and they helped me re-connect with other people - to socialise and feel normal again.

The BlindAid team has left a mark in my life that can never be forgotten. I really appreciate your support and care"

A poem by Hugh:

BlindAid is like a lighthouse,
Guiding us through turbulent waters,
Towards a safer and more connected world,
BlindAid is like a cargo ship,
But the crew equip us to pilot our own lives,
Enhance existing skills,
To stand on our own two feet,
From nutritional needs to technology,
More independent living,
BlindAid brings us to a sheltered harbour,
Charting a path of friendship,
With ongoing visits,
As regular as sunrise over the ocean,
We may not be able to see a smile,
But we can feel the warmth


"I would just like to say a big thank you to the BlindAid team and our wonderful tutors. First I'd like to thank Bee whose assistance and guidance has led me to become an independent cook, which really has changed my life. It's a miracle to have been referred on to this service at the time I was referred.
I would also like to thank Jacqui who has been a great yoga teacher, very patient and consistent with us. She has really helped me focus on my weaker areas and given me ideas on how to improve and showed me various foot exercises to help improve my balance. She's a great at what she does and clearly loves the job.
I'm very grateful for all of your efforts and hope this organisation continues on for many more years to come as it is a great Charity. It's been nice working with people that like what they do. Coming to the centre every Thursday has become an important part of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Feedback we have taken about our Community Projects:

  • ‘The classes have made me feel more confident in talking to people in general’

  • ‘My favourite thing about the project has been listening to others going through something similar and meeting new people’

  • ‘It’s given me a lot of confidence, especially the IT. It enabled me to navigate around the computer independently. I have met other people and it’s made me socialise.’

  • ‘I always want to cook freshly now, I am finding myself knocking up different sauces and salad dressings at home, whereas before all I ate were ready meals without realising the amount of salt and fat in them’

  • ‘ I now feel very confident to join an art class at my local college.’

  • ‘Chatting to the other people I have met has been important to me – we talk about issues with blindness and being visually impaired and it’s good to get it off your chest and have a laugh about it with people!’

  • ‘The teachers and the tutors are really empathetic and its inspirational actually. Really, they have been brilliant.’

  • ‘It has definitely changed my confidence and I talk more to people now. At one time, I just went in to myself, especially not being able to see. It helps meeting people with similar problems.’

  • ‘When I first came here I was bit shy, but my personality showed once I got in to the swing of things – it was really good. I found the classes really relaxing.’

Feedback we have received about our Sight Support service:

  • “My Sight Support worker has helped me in so many ways. I have more confidence and less fear.”

  • BlindAid helped me re-connect,  to socialise and feel normal again.”

  • “I had no support, nobody wanted to support me. I was depressed… Without BlindAid I could not have found myself.”

  • “My Sight Support worker has been a godsend – absolutely brilliant.

  • “Control of my life was taken from me – visually and physically. But BlindAid helped me take it back ”

  • “The Sight Support service eases my anxiety. I didn’t know what was in the post and reading for me is a vital link”

  • I was stuck inside for years.  Now, I really look forward to visits from my Sight Support worker. A walk makes me feel so good.”

  • “If I have a problem and I need to talk, my Sight Support worker will listen.”

‘I literally cannot explain the impact this class has had on me, I want to tell everyone about it’