Volunteering with BlindAid

Do you have the time to help local, visually impaired people?

Volunteer promise

Volunteers are integral to our impact. Whether it’s through assisting service users during classes or walking a service user to their local park, we relentlessly value the time and commitment volunteers dedicate to the blind and visually impaired community. In return, we promise to:

• Provide visual impairment awareness

• Provide the necessary sight guide training

• Ensure that you have the skills you need in order to engage effectively with service users

• Connect you with a dedicated team member

• Keep in regular contact with you

• Listen and appreciate feedback and ideas

• Offer a variety of opportunities to support BlindAid

We currently have the following vacancies available for volunteers aged over 18:

Share London Volunteers

Camden Community Project Volunteers


If you are interested in either of these roles, or if you are aged 16 or 17 and would be interested in other volunteering opportunities, please click here to apply:

BlindAid Volunteer Application Form

Please watch our Visual Impairment awareness training film.

Feedback from a BlindAid Volunteer:

“I have found that the professional, dedicated and enthusiastic team at Blind Aid have welcomed me, trained and nurtured me as a Volunteer.

They are open to receiving observations and suggestions. I have had the opportunities to enjoy cultural outings ‘Buddying’ one of their Service users to Tate Britain, Royal Albert Hall and attending their fortnightly Southwark coffee event.

I hope to increase my knowledge of Users requirements and needs to retain and increase their autonomy. An ongoing and rewarding Volunteer experience!”